Oct 272010

Another week of split results. One team won, the other lost. Both with considerable margins.

The public instance of the team won the match between the two thus far unbeaten teams. Was worried for a good while, especially with Michael Turner posting almost 30 points in the Falcons’ high-scoring game against Cincinnati. The ‘niners heroes were Eli Manning and Knowshon Moreno, with 25 and 21 points, respectively. Michael Crabtree retreated back into his no-score cave after Alex Smith was hurt. Fortunately the newest recruit in the receiving corps, Bengals’ Terrell Owens, turned out worthy: a neat 15 points in the first game. Tennessee defense had a good day against the Eagles, 16 points for D/ST is high by any standards. The stupidest bit of coaching was leaving newly healed Darren McFadden on the bench – he led the Oakland Raiders on a massive rampage over Denver Broncos: missed out on 43 points (probably the highest tally I’ve seen thus far in half a decade of playing).

The Finland Fantasy Football game was a loss. My team never got close to the opponent – with more than half of the fielded players putting up scores between two and five points, that was a well-justified loss. Next week ought to be better – the byes and injuries took a large toll on the ‘niners this week. In addition to Aaron Rodgers and the perennially useful Jason Witten, the only player who put up a respectable display was Cadillac Williams – his late touchdown was a lonely highlight in a massive sea of mediocrity this week.

In the real NFL, by far the biggest news was New Orleans Saints loss to Cleveland Browns. Drew Brees threw four picks, and the team never got clicking on the ground either (understandable with most of their RBs injured). San Francisco lost a tight game once again, and got a reminder that a backup quarterback is not a solution to Alex Smith playing unevenly – David Carr was just plain awful against the usually generous Carolina defense.

Bring on week eight!

Oct 242010

I’m a long-time sucker for Don Henley’s Boys of the Summer, that’s an established fact.

Now Kenny Chesney moves in with Boys of Fall, a severely nostalgia-steeped take on high school football.

In an eight minute video.

Country music and a marathon-length video isn’t exactly a recipe for success in the ADHD-sliced MTV. Then again, the channel actually plays so little music these days, that it probably isn’t the medium of choice.

(Yes, that IS New Orleans Saints’ Sean Payton giving the rousing speech in the locker room in the very beginning.)

Oct 222010

The sixth week of the season ended up being victorious, despite rather hard hits by bye weeks and injuries.

The game in the public league turned victorious in Monday Night Football. The opponent fielded a far mightier team, projections-wise. But the projections turned out to be hollow in the actual game. Peyton Manning returned to form, Michael Crabtree countinued to be productive – as did the RB duo of LaDainian Tomlinson and Frank Gore. Picked up Johnny Knox off the waiver just before the game and was rewarded. While he didn’t score, the 120 yards catching were a worthy result indeed. Mercedes Lewis sank to the expected level, and lost a fumble as an additional benefit.

The Nöykkiö Derby wasn’t that much of a game, which the 45 point victory margin neatly proves. The opponent had no players in double digits, whereas the niners fielded three such. Aaron Rodgers led the scoring with LDT and Michael Crabtree following up. But all’s not well in the team, not by any means. John Kuhn, the waiver-wire pick from Green Bay laid an egg, and Jeremy Shockey brought in a mere two points.

In the league the biggest news was the San Francisco Fortyniners finally getting their first victory, a 17-9 game against the Raiders across the Bay.

The games are not getting any easier next week. Bye weeks continue to hurt (loss of LDT hurts both teams), and Pierre Thomas’ ankle keeps on being sore.

Bring on week seven!

Oct 162010

NHL draft logoManaged to set up a virtual ice hockey team on the very eve of the NHL season. While I don’t treat this noweher near as seriously as the twin fantasy football teams, reports will be coming in every now and then.

Drafted (autopicked) at #2, and took two centers on the first two rounds: Sidney Crosby and Joe Thornton. The next two players were goalies, and the two following ones defensemen. So it took a long while to pick up any wingers. A lot of the players are utterly unfamiliar, and I’m sure the waiver-wire will be busy in the league as last year’s comets will be traded for players that actually are productive this season. Marc Savard is still suffering post-concussion symptoms and lands immediately on the injury reserve.

No finns taken in the sixteen draft rounds. No swedes either.

Oct 132010

A double victory for the ‘niners.

The yahoo! public game was a very tight win. The game was settled in the duel of RBs on MNF, with Adrian Peterson and LaDainian Tomlinson coming out equal, the victory was mine. The match was made a lot tighter by Peyton Manning’s off night, his kid brother would have been a far better pick. That’s far from a common occurrence, so I’m not about to turn the tables on the family. Michael Crabtree finally found his lucky mittens, and got both major yardage and a touchdown. But the man of the fifth round event was Mercedes Lewis. I picked the Jaguars’ tight end on account of John Carlson’s bye. An was pleasantly surprised by his twin touchdowns. Mason Crosby kicked one long field goal and missed another (and the Packers lost the game).

The finland fantasy football game was a blowout. Mainly due to the opponent not fielding a complete team. Having three men off the field because of bye weeks is not conducive to major scoring. Aaron Rodgers didn’t have a perfect night by any means, but threw two touchdowns. The reciving corps was seriously downmanned, and resorted to a double TE-offense. Which paid off, as both Jason Witten and newly recruited Jeremy Shockey scored.

In the real league the biggest news was Cardinals beating the Saints. Max Hall’s crew beat the ruling champions convincingly. San Francisco ‘niners continued their losing ways for the fifth week in a row, though this time they came very close to the debut victory of the season. Detroit’s massacre of the St. Louis Rams with a 38 point margin was quite unexpected of the perennially hapless Lions.

Bring on week six!