Jan 032011

General retrospective, in no specific order.

  • Still working for Nokia.
  • Released no new phones, only a couple of SDKs.
  • Still living in Espoo (and commuting without a car).
  • Visited only one new country: Poland (and even that was an unplanned extra leg).
  • Saw fewer movies and live concerts than I planned.
  • Blogged quite a bit.
  • Still busy in Facebook.
  • Less so in Twitter.
  • Quite busy on Gowalla.
  • Less so on Foursquare (and other location-based services).
  • Even less so (pitifully, actually) geocaching/waymarking.
  • Bought an iPad and a new Macbook Pro.
  • Took plenty of photographs.
  • Spent a gloriously good nine days in Japan.
  • Visited Lapland for the first time in wintertime.
  • Didn’t set up the aquarium (actually booted it on account of the bottom plate having cracked).
  • The sequel to Guns n’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy was not released.
  • Did some actual therapy projects: chili grew well and the first Rails-project got off to a decent start.

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