Feb 142011

Wrote the initial shock-riddled post about the Elopocalypse in quite a high state of adrenaline and inebriation.

Still haven’t figured out all the variables, but the presence inside of an economical case study is fortunately well-covered (and subject to a lot of shrill voices):

Oh, the quote:

It’s impossible to overstate how completely fucked Nokia is when it comes to apps. Silverlight for native, IE7 for web. Hurray hu-bloody-rray. Will Symbian developers flock to Silverlight? I beg leave to doubt it. As to web developers and IE7, well, that doesn’t need any comment.
Some action on this front is urgently required. Qt? Unlikely. IE9? Microsoft is working on it, but I expect it end of this year at the earliest. Another browser, such as Opera? Unlikely; creating a browser in Silverlight is not the easiest of tasks.

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