Jun 272011

Apocalypse Now posterMissed last week’s installment of Movie Monday, so here’s an early entry for the newest challenge.

This week’s assignment is to name a movie with an unforgettable song, a song that always comes to mind when the movie pops up in the discussion.

I had two good candidates.

And the one that fell by the wayside was the Glorious Ninth, by Ludwig Van, as made famous by Alex DeLarge’s obsession in Clockwork Orange.

But even the ode to joy takes a second place to the ultimate piece of well-integrated soundtrack. That of Walkürenritt that accompanies a helicopter attack on a VC outpost on the Nung River. The time is sometime in the troubled early seventies, exactly the moment for Apocalypse Now.

Unfortunately the full scene from the movie is unembeddable from youtube, but there’s a good slice thereof around the 1:35-point in the attached trailer.

And as a spontaneous advertisement – a newly minted release of the film is available, a print that finally includes the elusive Hearts of Darkness documentary that describes the hardships the film crew endured in the jungle.

Jun 272011

Been a slow month.

Been steadily decompressing after the launch of N9/N950/MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan SDK.

Been reading, not writing.

Do not adjust your set, regular service resumes.

Jun 212011

N9 x 3Nokia N9 (and its QWERTY-equipped sister, the N950) were launched today to a very positive reaction (Engadget is just representative, not the sole exemplar).

This, or actually the application development tools for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan, is what I’ve been working on for the last two years and change.

So this long-awaited release is the proof that the Nokia’s MeeGo crew is able to deliver.

Jun 192011

Izo posterI’ve never been a Takashi Miike fan – some of his movies have been interesting, while others tread on implausibly across lines of common sense.

Izo falls into the latter camp, and counts as the worst movie I recall having spent time and money on (two hours and a R&A-ticket, respectively). Massacre after massacre interleaved with quasi-philosophical platitudes does not an interesting movie make. I kept on waiting the movie to get started, but it reached the credits roll before that…

Movie Monday #3: Wasted hours.

Jun 152011

Haven’t really started the Job 2.0 campaign next (the collaboration negotiations are officially over now) – and I don’t think that the Develop 100 is going to be of much use, but it’s a decent read through the gaming industry nonetheless.