Jul 292011

Photo Friday 29.7.2011: Enormous

This is the Enterprise.

The space shuttle that never flew in space.

Now resting in the Udvar-Hazy extension to the National Air and Space Museum in Virginia.

Photo Friday 29.7.2011: Enormous.

  2 Responses to “Photo Friday 29.7.2011: Enormous”

  1. Amazing! Did they allow you to go inside, any photos?

    It’s so sad, the space shuttle was one of those things from the “good era” and now it’s gone too…

  2. Nope, no-one’s allowed inside almost all of the planes/spacecraft (I bet it’s a safety issue – the visitors would conk their heads on pipes or bulkheads and then sue Smithsonian for emotional distress).

    And the space age is indeed quickly drawing to a close – with the grounding of the shuttle the US launch capabilities are now gone and considering the budgetary fights of the administration, Obama probably isn’t targeting NASA as a big beneficiary in the near future either.

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