Oct 302011

Seventh week netted the ‘niners a 52 point monster victory.

The key to the victory was the Saints 62-7 whupping of the Colts. Brees threw five TDs, two of them to Colston, and the defense played like a grabby wall.

The New Orleans’ game hid the deficiencies of the rest of the air force – Miles Austin, Nate Burleson and Greg Olsen combined for a total of 3.1 points.

Matt Forte scored well against Tampa Bay, netting 24 points.

Bring on week 8!

Oct 302011

Maisie Williams2011 has been pretty low a year for new faces.

While Jesse Eisenberg’s chillingly nonchalant depiction of Zuckerberg in The Social Network was exquisite, he’s hardly “new” on the scene. And while the uncharacteristic nudity of Megumi Kagurazaka in Cold Fish & Guilty of Romance was not annoying at all, her acting chops weren’t really tested.

So the choice falls onto a television actor instead. Once again on somebody from Game of Thrones. And since the best of the actors (Bean & Dinklage) are hardly “new” either, my choice is Maisie Williams, a child actress. Who manages two unexpected achievements: she’s not annoying at all, and manages actually to add to the already quite interesting character of Arya Stark.

Movie Monday #22: Someone new.

Oct 222011

Pohjanmaa posterFor me the quintessential movie about Finland is Pohjanmaa.

Pekka Parikka’s movie of Antti Tuuri’s novel of the same name is a great tale of a single hot day in the eponymous Ostrobothnia – when some things go right, but most things go wrong for the Hakala brothers. It’s all here: ambient violence, plentiful alcohol, simmering jealousy, buried secrets, idle sundays, and plenty of other common and uncommon things from the region.

The acting is good across the board, with both old mainstays and new faces duking it out on the silver screen.

Too bad the potential Tuuri-Parikka dynasty ground to a halt after Talvisota. Lauri Törhönen’s take on Ameriikan Raitti a couple of years later was a pale imitation of the original.

(Yeah, half of my genes are from Ostrobothnia, so this might be less important to someone whose family hails from lesser regions.)

Oct 222011

Yay, comments are rarer than entries, but breaking a barrier is always cause for celebration.

(And yeah, the real number is quite a bit higher, but the original batch didn’t migrate. I.e. the comments from the era when I was still using Haloscan with the self-baked system are gone in the great /dev/null in the sky.

Oct 202011

The first week and a half wasn’t the greatest start of the season for Nöykkiö Freeze, as the head-to-head game ended in a 3-7 loss.

Without Kris Letang’s five assists the game would have been an even more severe loss. He’s by far the brightest offensive star of Freeze thus far, the likes of Toews, Richards and Perry were not very productive in the first week.

Only one change in the team, replaced Nikolai Kulemin with unexpectedly undrafted Joffrey Lupul.

Oct 202011

‘niners roll on, with an eight point victory over a rival to the high spots in the standings.

Despite an awkward showing by the Saints’ mainstays (Brees copping three interceptions, the defense ending up with a flat zero in points), there was a bright spot in the New Orleans team: Marques Colston. Now apparently fully headled from a collarbone injury, his 17 points were a nice take for the team. The RBs were steady, though I am starting to worry about the Jags offense creating enough opportunities for MJD. Nate Burleson scored after a drought, but the difference between him on the bench and Miles Austin’s game was only two points – good to have him back, nonetheless, as the bye season is already upon the team.

In the real world NFL the biggest news was Detroit’s loss. To San Francisco, so this was doubly sweet. Nowadays there’s only one unbeaten team – the reigning champions, Green Bay, steamroll along.

Bring on week 7!

Oct 112011

Lost the hegemony game, and fell to third spot in the league.

I’m not denying the power of the opposing team, but the ‘niners sure didn’t fulluy come out and play.

Eric Decker netted a nice -0.4 points (mainly on account of Tim Tebow replacing Jay Cutler as the QB of the Broncos). The low-scoring game in Wisconsin brought just two extra points from Matt Bryant. And I certainly chose the wrong defensive team – San Francisco mangled the Buccaneers 48-3 (for 22 defensive points, including a pick returned for a score), whereas Saints barely edged Panthers without any major defensive heroics.

The usual suspects played well. Drew Brees, Wes Welker, MJD and Matt Forte all brought in double figures. And Greg Olsen scored again, the long shot at the Carolina TE has definitely been reliable lately.

In the NFL the two unbeatens remain so: Green Bay and Detroit. Both Saints and niners won, both are 4-1. For Saints this is business as usual, but for the San Francisco team the best start of a season in ages.

Bring on week 6!