Oct 022011

Source Code poster

I had quite high expectations for Duncan Jones sophomore film, and Source Code didn’t disappoint. It was by no means as great as Moon, but definitely a worthwhile movie nonetheless.

Source Code is like an unholy union between Groundhog Day and 24. A story that keeps on repeating itself. But only for a while, before the big picture intervenes. And subsequently intervenes again. Anything more would be spoiling the enjoyment.

The film begins well – Jake Gyllenhaal’s protagonist is caught completely out in the cold. The mindtwisting elements are piled upon each other, but the film sadly has a somewhat serious sag in the middle. Fortunately it picks up speed and interest towards the end. I’m of two minds about the actual finale – daring to keep it ambiguous would have earned at least one half a star extra.

Never mind the sub-optimal coda – Source Code is a pleasantly unpredictable film, and whatever the director attempts next will be interesting.

And yeah, the titular abuse is never resolved during the course of the film.

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