Oct 072011

NHL Draft 2011Drafted this year’s Nöykkiö Freeze team for Yahoo Public 80034 without much preparations.

Scored Corey Perry on the first round (drafted fifth) and Tim Thomas on the second, not bad for such a mediocre position. Jonathan Toews, Brad Richards and Cam Ward ought to prove useful as well. Only one finn, Kimmo Timonen on the twelfth round.

Tim Thomas was the only player picked whom I had shuffled with in the board, I just figured the lead goalie of the reigning champion is worth more than the default position. Downgraded Sidney Crosby slightly – I have a bad feeling about his prolonged absence on account of a concussion.

The first games have already been played (Ducks losing to Sabres in Helsinki), and I figure the first week will actually be a week and a half for scoring purposes.

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