Nov 012011

Tremors posterFor this week’s Movie Monday, the challenge is to present a hidden gem, a movie not commonly known to be good.

My choice is Ron Underwood’s Tremors – a monster movie that pits cthuloid underground beasts against the might of a redneck community in outback Nevada.

The film goes beyond the premise and the expectations. The casting is great (Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward for starters), the dialogue has plenty hidden gems (“This valley is just one long smorgasbord”) and all in all the film just oozes an easygoing vibe that makes it effortless to watch. It is also pleasantly short, and ends with an all-action crescendo that takes a while to build and then just rollercoasters on without mercy.

Haven’t seen any of the three sequels or the short-lived television show yet.

Movie Monday #23: Buried Treasure

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