Mar 132012

Bridesmaids posterWatched Bridesmaids on the christmas break and was occasionally pleased by the movie. It is a pure chick flick, but contains enough comedy to be universally bearable.

The plot only occasionally rises above low expectations, so the movie rests firmly on the actresses’ shoulders. Kirsten Wiig (who also wrote the script) almost loses her top spot to the pleasantly unhinged Melissa McCarthy. Her take on an unconventional bridesmaid is worth watching the film. Sadly, most of the other characters are either frightfully one-dimensional or so seriously under-utilized that most of their scenes probably ended up on the cutting-room floor.

Not bad, and probably a good score for a sequel in a couple of years.

Mar 122012

Mo'Nique in Precious

Originally I was sure that Robert Mitchum’s character in Night of the Hunter would be the most appropriate of monsters.

However, he pales in comparison to a far more frightening character.

Mo’Nique’s utterly dehumanized grandmother in Precious is so much believable than a murderous vicar. After all, the latter are pretty much confined to slow-paced Agatha Christie novels, whereas the former are born out of poverty and misery. And neither of those in in short supply these days.

Movie Monday #40: Monster.

Mar 112012

Super 8 posterI liked J.J. Abrams Super 8 a lot. So much that until I finally saw Drive off a disc, I held Super 8 to be the finest movie of 2011.

Super 8 is a shamelessly nostalgic piece of film. It combines Goonies and E.T. to a coherent whole, with a bit of Cloverfield added for extra spice. And wraps the story with a well-thought out framing device: the protagonists are filming a horror movie, and accidentally capture things on film that they never should have seen.

Despite Super 8 mainly populated by kids, the actors never cross the annoyance-threshold. And the plot indeed revolves around the kids being kids, not as conventional exposition devices. Elle Fanning executes her part well, and I’m sure the rest of the crew will not be strangers on the big screen in the next decade either.

The heritage of the film is very much apparent, but it’s an homage, never a rip-off. The plot has a few holes and a few cliches, but nothing that would snap the suspenders of disbelief too harshly.

The 1979 setting is not rubbed in very strong. While the scenery and dialogue seem genuine, the soundtrack is not filled to the brim with the hits of the summer.

Bonus half a star for the most explosive scene of the year (the derailment, which gets the entire plot rolling).

Mar 112012

Fables logoTelltale Games, who have been snapping up licenses to abdandoned game franchises, films, television series and whatnot, have picked up one more.

Their take on Bill Willingham’s Fables has nothing but an announcement, but the concept is very intriguing.

After all, the take on fairy tale characters’ continued existence in 21st century does provide an almost infinitely extensible milieu for additional adventures.

Mar 062012

Minecraft screenshotTutorial: read.

Necessity of a tutorial: quite high.

Games played: two.

Appreciation: growing, but I still wonder about the popularity.

Unexpected event #1: a bona fide snow crash of the Macbook. Quite an accomplishment by a windowed java program.

Unexpected event #2: inability to respawn in a normal game.