Apr 022012

This week’s task in Movie Monday is to assemble a team to defend the Earth.

I kept the selection limited to contemporary and non-supernatural individuals – the likes of Superman would make things too easy.

  • First of all, I would employ Keyser Söze/Kevin Spacey to scare and intimdate the invaders.
  • Jude Law/Vassili Zaitsev would take care of eliminating the leaders from afar (though Simo Häyhä would be an even better choice, I couldn’t find a movie about the greatest sniper ever).
  • Snake Plissken/Kurt Russel would be the best all-around guy – getting things done, no matter what the opposition is.
  • To use whichever weapons are available or improvised, there’s no better man than John Matrix/Arnold Schwarzenegger. And he’s also very good with one-liners. In times of war the importance of overly macho one-liners can never be underestimated.
  • And finally, any character played by Rob Schneider, mainly because the war needs disposable decoys.

Movie Monday #43: The Team.

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  1. Jep, harmi että Häyhästä ei ole taidettu tehdä leffaa (vielä). Ois sopinut tähän loistavasti.

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