Apr 032012

Didn’t watch that much television last year.

And good new shows were few and far between.

  • Game of Thrones was by far the biggest event on the small screen. HBO quality, with great actors (Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage as top men). The story has barely started, and the reception across the world has been positive, a second season was purchased around the time the pilot was broadcast.
  • Was very late to the new doctor party of Doctor Who. Though Matt Smith initially seemed to be a huge letdown after David Tennant, he grew on me. The season finished with an appropriately scaled finale, and left high expectations for the sixth.
  • True Blood‘s third season was more or less OK, though the sleepy town of Bon Temps is a bit too much of an occult hotspot for watchers with too strained suspenders of disbelief.
  • Abandoned fifth season of House, MD in mid-flight (mainly on account of a recording mishap). Picked the dvd up on the cheap, but haven’t yet gone back to Princeton.
  • Pasila upped the ante after a weaker preceding season. Plots were longer, not just collections of very loosely connected scenes.
  • The remake of Hawaii 5-0 had the dubious honour of being dropped by the channel after half a dozen episodes. Didn’t miss it.
  • Event was a bad combination of 24 and X-Files marred by an overly busy plot and terrible acting.
  • Detroit 187, on the other hand, was a pleasant surprise, a slow-paced police procedural with interesting plots (and starring Michael Imperioli).
  • The second season of Burn Notice was pleasantly surprise-packed. Tight plotting, with a season-long arc (that’ll have repercussions beyond).
  • Castle‘s second season was broadcast without much of a warning, and ended up missing a good chunk of the series. Watched it off p2ptv and continued to be impressed. Nathan Fillion and the crew play their parts well, the plots do not bore often and all in all it continues to retain the crown of the best mainstream show.

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