May 152012

Hello World!

The reason for the recent and very much prolonged silence here.

Our son was born last Friday, 11.5.

Half a meter long and 3.6 kilograms in weight.

Thus far he’s happy to sleep, eat, carefully peep at the wonders of the world, and crack an occasional smile a little.

May 012012

Scorpion jacket from Drive
No movie has had that much of an effect on my wardrobe.

Certainly didn’t pick up a long black leather jacket on account of Matrix, and my sole Stetsoneque hat’s not a homage to either Indiana Jones or any western heroes, and I was already too grunge-y to be affected by the likes of Singles or Reality Bites back in mid-nineties.

Partially this might be on account of mild clothes-blindness, I just don’t tend to pay that much attention to them.

The greatest recent example is the Scorpion jacket from Drive. Utterly cool, but also totally unwearable in public.

Movie Monday #46: What to wear?

May 012012

April blogging spree started well, but ended up drying out mid-month.

No good reasons for it.

Work is effectively stressless (and there’s a grand total of two days left).

In lieu of illusionary work, wrote a few more toy applications for Harmattan (and they’ve been in the Nokia Store pipeline for a good while now).

The next move is in formative stages (and there will be more data once the concept is clarified).

Junior hasn’t been popped out yet (and there’s been no related complications).

Had a flu (but it was turbocharged and gone in three days).

Been just plain lazy.

And as a bonus: skipped Ullanlinnanmäki for the first time in more than a decade.