Jul 152012

Astronomical clock in PragueAnother travel-related victim in the slow posting-times: a long autumn weekend in Prague.

First time in the city, and quite a pleasant break from the bleak finnish autumn indeed.

Did plenty of the mandatories:

  • Charles Bridge with its statues is impressive, and off-season even pickpockets seem to have disappeared.
  • Prague Castle, on the other hand, is less so. Big, yes, but not that unique in any way.
  • Czech beer is even better domestically. And there’s way more breweries and flavours than just Velko, Urquell and their kin.
  • Czech food is meaty and done with plenty of butter.
  • Czech waiters who know that you’re from Finland want to talk about ice hockey almost non-stop.
  • There’s absinthe for sale (or at least advertised) almost everywhere.
  • Kutna Hora’s Church of Bones is odd, and far more interesting than the same-y catacombs of Paris.
  • The jewish cemetery is impressive, the synagogues very much on the crowded side (after being closed for a couple of days before).
  • Golems are popular. Bought one. A fridge magnet, that is.
  • Franz Kafka is popular as well. Bought a full set of his novels and short stories. Probably could have got it cheaper from Amazon, but it felt appropriate.
  • Christmas decorations are sold no matter what the season.
  • The city is far less decrepit than Sofia.
  • Fewer american hipsters than expected.
  • Can’t remember the name of the hotel, but it had a really scary statue of a dog just outside our room.
  • Tančící dům, the dancing building, is not exactly a self-explanatory name. It looks more like an unexpected collapse.
  • Missed any of the defenestration sites. Oh well, there’s always the next time.

Church of bones in Kutna Hora

Dancing building in Prague

Charles Bridge in Prague

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