Sep 302012

Another week, another split. Though reversed from previous week.

The “2 Minuutin Varoitus”-league game was a loss. My team was sunk again by two factors: Philip Rivers’ absolutely terrible game (3.12 points) and persistently low scoring in the aerial attack, as Jason Witten continued to struggle (0.8 points this week). Alleviating the latter, Larry Fitzgerald finally found the end zone and exploded with 110+ yards. The brightest light was Bears’ defense, who brought home 23 points off the Rams. Opponent fielded Maurice Jones-Drew and Calvin Johnson, both back, both cementing their future Hall of Fame positions.

The Yahoo game was a resounding victory. Apart from Nate Kaeding (suffering in the terrible Chargers game) and Green Bay defense (who were broadsided by officials’ incompetence) everybody brought in more points than projected.

Bring on week 5!

Sep 252012

Cabinet Noir logoCabinet Noir is a text-format game from Failbetter Games, who debuted with Fallen London (née Echo Bazaar) a couple of years back.

The new game is far shorter than its predecessor, and quite a bit less grindy. And as an interactive short story from a single author, absolutely more cohesive.

The subject matter is intriguing: cryptography and secrets in the service of Cardinal Richelieu, in the tumultous 18th century Paris. But sadly the game mechanics are quite intrusive, and the repetition in tasks is unavoidable.

The nature of the game is not interactive fiction in its common sense. This is a “create your own adventure”- game on steroids, not a parser-based conventional piece of IF.

Cabinet Noir is the first product of StoryNexus, a new toolkit for building such games. And while I’m not that fond of this piece of french adventuring, the arrival of a commercial development tool is definitely an interesting prospect for both authors and players.

(Right, I was sure I had blogged about Echo Bazaar, but that seems not to be the case.)

Sep 242012

The second week was another split, one game lost, the other won, but in the opposite leagues as on the first round.

The victory in 2 Minuutin Varoitus league was tight all right, the margin was less than a point. And as the game was settled already on the Sunday, I left the last man out (Roddy White, who might have slipped and fallen in Monday Night Football). Keys to the victory were 20+ point games from Philip Rivers and Arian Foster. The receiving corps sucked, and brought in less than ten points. Chicago defense worked out all right even when they lost, and the replacement kicker (rookie Blair Walsh of the Vikings) kicked worth a respectable ten points.

In the Yahooo league I lost by seventeen points. The league offers a machine-generated recap of the week, which provides a pretty solid picture on what happened. With optimal player selection this would have been winnable, but the opponent had close to sixty points sitting on the bench, so that’s hardly a fair comparison. The ‘niners were blown away by Trent Richardson, the Cleveland Browns’ running back exceeded all expectations. The gravest disappointment was Julio Jones, whose 1.5 points was quite a downturn from his very productive first week.

In the real NFL the biggest news were the continued low production of the Saints, and the Patriots being taken out by Arizona Cardinals.

Sep 242012

Helsingin sanomat has a nice article on changing face of the city.

Ancient postcards are complemented with an exact replica of the scene in 2012, and the border between the two can be dynamically slid to reveal how the features of the area have evolved.

Helsinki split by time

This image is towards Katajanokka, showing one of the ugliest buildings known to man: Alvar Aalto’s Enso-Gutzeit HQ, a piece of white marble absolutely no-one needed.

Sep 172012

Reservoir Dogs 10th Anniversary - Mr. PinkNever really thought about which physical instance of a movie would be the dearest in the collection.

There’s plenty I’m very fond of but nothing rare or otherwise really expensive.

Hence, the choice falls onto a special edition of one of my favorite. A special edition that highlights my favorite character from said film: Reservoir Dogs, 10th Anniversary Edition, the cover featuring Steve Buscemi as Mr. Pink.

Movie Monday #60: My Precious.

Sep 162012

NHL is now officially locked out.

The players association and the owners could not agree on revenue division, and now the whole season is in jeopardy.

The 2004-2005 season was locked out completely, and the league suffered plenty of losses (television contracts, for starters).

So, unless the collective bargaining agreement is resurrected quickly, the league and its reputation will again be damaged.

Sep 122012

When I moved into Maemo unit of Nokia back in 2008, I was positively surprised by the internal blog culture flourishing in the company. One of the blogs I liked the best has now resurfaced in a form available to all readers.

Real Box Score is J-P Sipponen’s new blog. The first few entries contain quite a bit of meat already, and the feed of the blog has ended up on the ever-growing collection in Google Reader.