Sep 302012

Another week, another split. Though reversed from previous week.

The “2 Minuutin Varoitus”-league game was a loss. My team was sunk again by two factors: Philip Rivers’ absolutely terrible game (3.12 points) and persistently low scoring in the aerial attack, as Jason Witten continued to struggle (0.8 points this week). Alleviating the latter, Larry Fitzgerald finally found the end zone and exploded with 110+ yards. The brightest light was Bears’ defense, who brought home 23 points off the Rams. Opponent fielded Maurice Jones-Drew and Calvin Johnson, both back, both cementing their future Hall of Fame positions.

The Yahoo game was a resounding victory. Apart from Nate Kaeding (suffering in the terrible Chargers game) and Green Bay defense (who were broadsided by officials’ incompetence) everybody brought in more points than projected.

Bring on week 5!

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