Jan 012013
  • Film: The Hobbit, an Unexpected Journey (missed so many movies, it’s nowhere near funny)
  • Album: Sabaton’s Carolus Rex (haven’t picked up the new Neil Young & Crazy Horse album yet)
  • Song: Ett Livstid i Krig (off Carolus Rex)
  • Concert: Paradise Lost in FME
  • Book (fiction): Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One
  • Book (non-fiction): David Crystal’s The Story of English in 100 Words
  • Book (domestic): Emmi Itäranta’s Teemestarin Kirja
  • Comic: Moebius’ Arzak
  • Strip: Kamala Luonto by Jarkko Vehniäinen
  • Webcomic: XKCD
  • Television show: Boardwalk Empire (haven’t yet seen a single second season episode of Game of Thrones, though).
  • Videogame: Mass Effect 3 (played for two hours thus far)
  • Application: Paper
  • Gadget: iPad
  • Boardgame: 7 Wonders
  • Dinner: The one in Nokka (with multiple morel-tasting dishes)
  • Bar: Kaisla
  • Sports-related: Spain’s continued reign, Messi’s incomparable production
  • Person of the Year: Elmo Lavonius

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  1. I’ve been through this!

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