Jan 012013

What a turbulent year it was:

  • Gained a son.
  • Lost a mother.
  • Left Nokia, stayed in the MeeGo organization to the end and was one of the people to turn off the lights.
  • Founded a startup company, Huimio (and rented an office).
  • Wrote thousands of lines of real production code.
  • Still living in Espoo.
  • Still busy on Facebook.
  • Visited only one new country (China, on the most unlikely business trip so far).
  • Blogged less and less as the year went on.
  • Took fewer photographs. And the ones taken are pretty much single-subject only.
  • Bought a new Ixus, no lenses for the DSLR.
  • Bought a retina iPad.
  • Played way less games.
  • Geocached ridiculously little.
  • Abandoned chili 2012 project in mid-flight.
  • Was greatly amused by our two cats.
  • Guns n’ Roses sequel to Chinese Democracy was not released.
  • Therapy programming projects pretty much on hold on account of Tunemio, Huimio’s first product.
  • Initial cooking therapy projects deemed successful: very nice Ancienne/Ardbeg-mustard and Strawberry liqueour for Christmas.

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