Jan 022013

fantasyfootball-nfl-trophies-2012-seasonWon the 2 Minuutin Varoitus fantasy football league.
As the attached image from the league’s trophy room shows, Eestinmalmi ‘niners romped through the opposition: 11-2 record in the regular season, most points scored for, and eventually the championship.

The superbowl was won on the shoulders of the inconsistent Dallas offense and the very consistent Chicago defense. This time Dez Bryant delivered, and delivered big. I foolishly left Roddy White on the bench (considering his knee injury more serious than it was, as the 27.3 points prove).

The keys to the victory were “everybody but the quarterback”: none of the playmaking guys I drafted of picked off the wire amounted to much. Especially on a reliable basis. So it was the RBs (Arian Foster, Doug Martin and Alfred Morris) and the air force (White, Bryant, Jason Witten, occaisionally the Raiders WRs) that won the day. And the Chicago defense, they were phenomenal, again. And picking up Shayne Graham off the waiver wire turned out lucky as well (though Blair Walsh wasn’t too bad). Larry Fitzgerald was terrible (but who wouldn’t, given the sad state of quarterbacking in the Cardinals), and the Raiders’ Heyward-Bey and Moore just fluctuated too much week to week.

A great season, will be back next fall.

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