Jan 072013

Lake Superior University has once again decreed what words, terms and idioms should not be used in this side of the New Year.

The twelve listed fall into four buckets:

  • Unavoidable: Fiscal cliff (the euphemisms are even worse), job creators/creation (not that Huimio aims to be one this year, but yeah), passion (yes, even referring to other things than the fruit), spoiler alert (when among geeks, there’s always somebody with holes in his repertoire, usually that’s me).
  • Been there, done that: Double down (I think, even outside a blackjack table), bucket list (inspired by the movie, obviously), guru (only used on other people).
  • Only ironically: Superfood (it’s just healthy food).
  • Really, some people use this?: Kick the can down the road, YOLO, trending (never as an adjective), boneless wings.

That’s not a very good tally, isn’t it.

And yeah, it would be nice to check up on this at the end of the year (and repeat the exercise annually), time to add yet another seasonal thing to the blog, then.

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