Jan 262013

I’ll finish the long-stretched and overdue travelogues with the last remaining one.

Had to participate in a meeting with chinese officials (regarding MeeGo privacy and security issues) in Beijing about a year ago.

Peking DuckWent into the meeting almost straight away from the flight. The local rush hours were utter killers, spent hours in a cab going both ways. The meeting itself was quite painless, would have appreciated something to drink, but that’s a minor complaint. Almost dozed off during the other presentations (mainly in chinese, and thus impossible to follow).

Ate Peking Duck on the first evening and the dish is worth all the accolades it gets. Succulent duck, exquisite sauce and crispy vegetables. Conveniently enough the restaurant was in the lobby of the hotel, so avoided venturing outside in a quite jetlagged state.

Took one day off before flying back home. And spent it all on a bus trip. Nominally the ride was about the Great Wall, but we saw plenty more (usually accompanied with a shopping opportunity). The wall was indeed impressive – despite the very cold day the section was quite packed with tourists.

Was quite disappointed on the flight out that apart from food and tea there wasn’t that much to take home in the airport (was expecting to buy a decent cookbook, but couldn’t locate a proper bookstore).

The Great Wall of China

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