Jul 152013

Ned Flanders
I’ve had a few memorable experiences in the movies. Though it’s been a while since the last, considering that I’ve seen a grand total of two movies in a theatre in the last year.

  • I missed the spoilery guy talking about colours before going to see Reservoir Dogs. The friend I was with didn’t, and he was righteously pissed off.
  • During Basic Instinct I became aware of a loud guy repeating Sharon Stone’s lines with a multi-second delay a few rows back. Nobody dared to do anything about it, since the person was the size of a freight truck and on some weird uppers.
  • I saw Goldeneye just about when it was exiting the cinemas. Turns out one of my fellow viewers had smuggled in his ~six year old son, for whose benefit he read every line of subtitles aloud, interspersed with nedflanders-like comments.

Movie Monday #89: The Experience

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