Sep 112013

I’ve slipped terribly. Watching television is increasingly rare in the HQ, on account of many reasons. A persistently broken DVR and the time spent with Elmo are by far the biggest reasons why we’re seriously dragging down the national average spent in front of the television.

The doctors

In no particular order of preference, here’s what’s been watched lately, nonetheless:

Doctor Who, beginning of season seven (post-reboot counting, obviously). There’s far too little humane science fiction on television.

Game of Thrones, still at the beginning of season two. I just wonder how the grievously dull volumes four and five will be rendered by HBO.

Big Bang Theory, approaching the tenth episode of season one. Mindless fun for the whole family.

True Blood, beginning of season six (I think). Despite the overwhelming chicklit approach, it’s not a bad show at all.

Prison Break, somewhere in Utah (i.e. midpoint of season two). Very late with this one, indeed. Nowhere near as good as the debut series, but not too bad either.

TV Thursday #1: Current Top 5