Dec 292013

Muumipeikko ja Pyrstötähti coverMuumipeikko ja Pyrstötähti is the first moomin book purchased by the Lavonius clan.

It was by no means the first book we got familiar with, that’d be Taikurin Hattu, tackled in the next post. But for some odd reason the local libraries were unable to provide access to the first book of the series, and thus we resorted to begging our parents for a copy.

And were kind of disappointed and thrilled simultaneously.

This is not the same kind of cozy mainly domestic adventure that the book we were familiar with is.

Nope, the titular astronomic catastrophe provides a nice framing device to a rollicking adventure with peril and change around every corner. And the pace being very fast, there are indeed plenty of corners to round and people to meet. While the other early Moomin books are no slow movers, the frequency of danger in this book approaches a chuck norris movie watched on speed.

Moomintroll’s entourage grows significantly in the 100-ish pages of the book. Both Snufkin and the Snorks are added to the crew in this novel. And there’s continuity to the preceding and following items in the series, too.

May the ground swallow me up, may old hags rattle my dry bones, and may I never more eat ice cream if I don’t guard this secret with my life.

This is a distilled adventure book. Amongs the thrills there’s no room for the philosophical introspection that increasingly pervades the later books.

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