Jan 012014


  • Watched Elmo grow and learn things at his own pace.
  • Released Tunemio for OS X and reached #1 position in 10+ countries with it.
  • Worked a lot on Tunemio for iOS.
  • Worked a lot on funding Huimio.
  • Sold the house.
  • Bought a house.
  • Visited no other countries at all (Tampere does not qualify).
  • Blogged less and less.
  • Bought an iPhone.
  • Didn’t have a haircut.
  • Turned to the iPhone as the primary camera as we seem to have misplaced the Ixus during an open house.
  • Played way less games.
  • Didn’t have a functional DVR (went all Skynet on new year’s day last year).
  • Didn’t pick up any geocaches at all.
  • Grew quite a few chilis to fruits.
  • Kept on being amused by our cats (and am harboring a tiny desire to get a kitten to accompany the two).
  • Sequel to Chinese Democracy was not released.
  • Neither was Hadean Lands.
  • Therapy projects still on hold (though I did cook up a Fingerpori-reader while really frustrated with funding).
  • Cooking therapy projects didn’t evolve beyond last year’s (Ancienne / Islay mustard worked this year, too, though).

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