Apr 272014

Beggar's BanquetI picked Beggar’s Banquet, an Ian Rankin short story anthology off a sale, and used it as commuting book for a couple of days (as the length of the pieces is just optimal for a couple per ride).

The collection covers quite a stretch. Some of the stories are from the earliest stages of the author’s career, and appropriately rough, whereas others are far more polished.

About a third of the stories feature Rebus, Rankin’s headliner protagonist, and those stories tend to be on the better side of the watershed in the anthology.

There’s couple of highlights, but all in all the brief form doesn’t really suit Rankin’s style. The plots tend to be too simple to be really enjoyable. It’s no big surprise that the longest story, Death is not the End, is actually the best of the bunch.

At least one of the stories (Herbert in Motion) has been expanded to a full novel (Doors Open), but with plenty of subplots heaped on the main plotline.

And the titular Rolling Stones album does get a namecheck in one of the worst of the bunch.

Not really recommended except for Rankin completists.

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