Aug 122014

MicrotrendsI expected Microtrends to be insightful and entertaining. It didn’t really reach either of those targets, but it wasn’t an utter failure either.

The book’s central concept is that population is splintering into so many sub-tribes that it may very well make sense to cater to one of them.

Unfortunately, the book doesn’t really explore its central thesis further, but devotes the vast bulk of its pages to outlining said identified groups.

Some of them make very much sense (people with two houses), some are inherently outdated (videogaming has moved on quite a bit) and some just plain wrong (Zune wasn’t excactly the leader of social music revolution).

The writing is often boring, as if the author, too, would have got fed up with the unending parade of people grouped by a single factoid.

Interesting as an idea, but falls flat in execution.

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