Dec 102014

Kill DecisionDaniel Suarez made his name with the unexpectedly continued and initially self-published Daemon, one of the savviest technothrillers published in a long while has returned with a self-contained third novel.

Kill Decision utilizes a familiar plot device from the preceding books – but its take on autonomous predatory drones is far more deep-drilling, whereas they were just plot devices in Daemon.

While Kill Decision’s plot drives the book forward like a steamroller, the cast of characters pales in comparison. Motives are vague, and plenty of the characters are little more than one-dimensional cardboard cutouts. But nobody reads technothrillers for in-depth characterizations, and Suarez once again shines in describing the inner workings of drones – heavily lifting from the sciences of entomology and myrmecology to explain the algorithms developed.

Kill Decision is a great page turner, and heartily recommended for friends of the genre, others will quite likely find the threshold a bit too steep for comfort. Me, I’m looking forward to the arrival of his fourth book, Influx, in paperback.

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