Dec 142014

Brick By BrickBrick By Brick goes much deeper than the usual fawning Lego as a business case study-books.

For a change, it does not get stuck on the common item #1: the rapid reaction of Lego to Mindstorm-hackers and continued peaceful co-existence. That point is covered, obviously, but it’s only a small detail in the tale told of how the company was almost capsized by clueless management and terrible product choices.

However, a lot of the pages are spent on general business strategy as opposed to analyzing its application in Lego’s case, leading to a slow pace and unfortunate abstraction of the message (though it does get drilled in at the ends of the chapter). The message is indeed muddled – prediction of success in a rapidly moving industry is impossible, but Lego did lower its batting average significantly by making terrible choices and hiring exactly the wrong people.

But all in all the book definitely is a worthwhile one to read, it’s mercifully brief and for a strayed long-time Lego fan, there’s a lot of interesting topics (and abandoned product lines) covered within.

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