Dec 162014

On WritingStephen King’s On Writing is a book of multiple perspectives. On one hand it is first and foremost an autobiographical look back on the early days of his career, on the other hand he pounds on a concise set of instructions for writing clearly and on the third hand the book describes how the author survived an almost fatal hit by a car.

Of the three, the first is interesting and insightful, but the second is worth the price of admission. King advocates reading a lot and writing a lot. And then simplifying the language until it’s as simple as it needs to be. The instruction is paired with real-life examples which obviusly raises its value quite a bit. The chapters on getting published and dealing with agents seem almost quaint in the era of rampant self-publishing and exposure through social media and virality.

Not my favorite Stephen King book, but definitely better than most of his output.

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