Dec 172014

PoliisiJo Nesbø’s Poliisi carries on where the preceding part left off. And the author really milks the awesome cliffhanger for all its worth.

Poliisi continues the themes in several of the previous books, ties a knot on some of them, while leaving a couple still dangling loose. The main plotline, of a serial killer bumping off policemen that have been satisfied with incomplete cases in the past, introduces several potential bad buys, and builds up tension over and over again. As usual, there’s sideplots galore, both on a departmental and personal level.

As expected, there’s plenty of cruelty, questionable law enforcement methods, references to alcoholism, and one truly great plot twist that manages to pull the rug from under the readers’ feet.

A great book, and obviously one that keeps the reader in an vise-like grip until the dust has settled. But this is absolutely the worst book to begin experimenting with the series, I’m sure there’s plenty of impenetrable passages for the novices.

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