Jan 012015

  • Watched Elmo grow and continue to learn and enjoy things at his own pace.
  • Raised the first seed round for Huimio, and released Tunemio on iPad and Singing Christmas Greetings on iOS.
  • Moved in to the new house (same neighbourhood, good two kilometers further westwards).
  • Once again stayed entirely within Finland the whole year.
  • Blogged even less than in 2013 and haircutted in Facebook insted.
  • Took most of the photos with iPhone.
  • Chili-growing was late on account of the move in February, and the crop tiny to say the least.
  • No geocaches.
  • Cooked at least one recipe out of 67 of our 72 cookbooks (nicely >90% coverage).
  • Sequel to Chinese Democracy remains unreleased.
  • Hadean Lands was released.

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