Mar 052012

With the impending arrival of iPad 3 on Wednesday, it will be interesting to see whether the quadrupled resolution of the screen generate a third branch of iOS software.

After all, the current iPad crop no longer is the highest density in the land.

Then again, going retina didn’t fragment the iPhone offering – the applications just adapted the two resolutions within to serve both the new and the old devices.

My bet is on the same happening again.

But the attraction of graphics 2048 pixel wide cannot be underestimated, hence the prospect of a “Full HD” qualifier. Which would, indeed, be appropriate, since the device can play Bluray content at full resolution.

Oct 032010

Berlin Sealife The third trip to Berlin in 2010 turned out quite different than expected.

Business-wise the visit was very much OK, but other than that strange things were in much greater numbers than is common:

  • Managed to mis-reserve the hotel room for the first night (with graceful assistance from the travel agents involved).
  • Had to resort to on-the-spot reservation in Radisson BLU.
  • Which has a magnificent million liter aquarium in its lobby.
  • Witnessed the quality of german cars from the inside in a car crash. The Mercedes-Benz cab got rammed from behind by a small Toyota. Effects on MB: none, effects on the Toyota: totalled front.
  • Endured a ninety minute traffic jam caused by the discovery of a WW2 bomb near the road.
  • Ate a very american burger in a cuban restaurant.
  • Saw a drinks menu rendered as the periodic system of elements (@Sanatorium 23).
  • Saw Bugatti Veyron (in the ground floor of a Nokia office on Unter den Linden).
  • Bought an iPad (16 gig model).
  • Didn’t buy the newest issue of Amazonas (the usually trustworthy shop in Tegel had run out of it).
  • No schnitzel, just one Whopper.

In the picture, the mighty tank in the Berlin Radisson BLU (part of the local Sealife, apparently).

Mar 072010

Steam on OS X teaserAccording to RockPaperShotgun Valve Corporation’s Steam content delivery system is about to arrive on OS X. Or on the iPhone/Touch/iPad. Or it might be just a red herring in the ongoing alternate reality game that centers on Portal 2.

Considering the rather poor state of game offerings in local stores, even with a vastly shorter list of Steamed games with Mac versions available than on the windows box, this is a very welcome piece of news indeed.

And the arrival of Portal and/or Half-life 2 at the same time would not be raising too many eyebrows either.

Jan 262010

For Apple’s tablet, that is:
Yes (duh), yes, yes ($899 for the lower-spec device), yes, yes, yes (Xcode 4), yes (the model’s been a rousing success), yes (at least a subset, with non-scaled resolution), yes, no, yes, yes, yes (itunes all the way), yes, yes, no (USB only), no (no haptics yet), yes, no (though eventually yes), yes (this is a killer platform for flash games), no (not yet, but definitely by the time next school year kicks off), yes (none of this i* stuff any longer), no, no, no, no, no, no, yes (yay Verizon), yes (especially if the screen has pressure-sensitive elements), no, yes (see previous), no, no, no, yes, no.

Scored tomorrow after the event.

Jan 242010

Meh, Lynch the Macbook Pro has undergone a drastic decrease in battery power lately.

Charging is slow, but consumption quick, even when sleeping.

This is no good.

And neither is the price that Apple offers – 140€ is on the steep side.