Jan 022007

As noted in Schizoblog and many other fine establishments, the first Macworld of 007 is coming up next week.

And the rumormills are indeed spinning fast, with predicted changes to pretty much all of Apple’s product lines (with the probable launch of a phone as the cherry on top of the cake). Leopard’s release date is “spring 2007″, so I guess it will be presented in a lot more details than in previous outings.

And for comparative purposes, Cnet’s UK corps have gathered the top ten Apple rumors of all time. Some of which are not entirely implausible.

Sep 142006

Apple launched several new products in Steve Jobs’ It’s Showtime-keynote.

The item of most immediate interest is the new nano. Now with rounded corners, an even better battery and 8GB capacity. My old fourth generation iPod is showing its age, and considering that the eight gigabytes are available for 250$, it might be time to upgradesupplement… Let’s see if the local apple store has them in stock on friday.

The iTV (this time Apple had a “one more thing”-moment) sounds interesting as well, and I’m sure the spin machines will start to go into overdrive before the product is actually launched in Q1/07.

Aug 082006

The annual Apple Worldwide Developer Conference kicked off yesterday. Despite this being of a lesser profile than consumer shows, the media was in a frenzied mood nonetheless. The keynotes and product announcements seem more like religious affairs than business as usual. As evidenced by a trio of livebloggers from the event: boingboing, engadget (with by far most pictures of the three) and gizmondo. Though there’s always someone who just didn’t drink enough kool-aid.

No new iPods (as expected), desktop Intel machine looks powerful and pricey. Leopard looks interesting in preview, though virtual desktops have been standard fare for ages. The new big cat will be here in 2007, and guys in Redmond will scramble to have something comparable out as Vista.

Jan 132006

Well, the regularly scheduled St. Jobs worship session is over for the time being. And idle speculation on what’s going to be released can be shelved for the following few months.

The intel-CPU based iMacs look powerful indeed, and it seems that a dual-boot windows machine is out of the question at least until Windows Vista makes it to town, the new machines happen to use Intel’s brand-new BIOS replacement, EFI (extensible firmware interface), for which there’s no support from Redmond. Linux, on the other hand, probably slithers onto the machines quite easily. But, as the OS X is a full-blown UNIX, what would you use yet another UNIX variant for?

The new laptops pack a lot of power as well, but the name “MacBook Pro” just won’t be catching on like the perennial favorites iBook and PowerBook. Bad marketese, definitely.

Software-wise there’s nothing truly earthshattering. I will, like any good Tiger-owner, pick up the 10.4.4-update. iLife does not seem too exciting, iWork on the other hand might come in handy in those few occasions when a proper office program is needed. The new iTunes has been claimed to be spyware, and the claims have been defused almost immediately.

No new iPods were released, and the remote/FM-tuner does not work on my ancient 4G-machine. Too bad, the radio-bits in the updated on-board software looked nifty.