Jan 012015
  • Blogs: One (the other’s pretty much fallow).
  • Engine: WordPress.
  • Entries: 169 (including the very first zero-entry month.)
  • Pace: Slow, and lacking in any but book reviews.
  • Backlog: Present (plenty of “Reading 2014″ entries to complete.)
  • Changes done: None, really.
  • Changes planned: Some, mostly to keep up a steady tick of articles.

Analyses of previous years are also available: ,2012, 2011, 2010, 2009.

Feb 282014

kitchen wallA grand total of one post in the whole month.

Yeah, February’s shorter, but that’s not the reason.

A triple whammy, that’s the reason:

  • Moved house (and it’s not the distance, but the stuff that’s the defining factor).
  • Enjoyed not one, but two bouts of flu. Only one day of real illness, but a lingering runny nose for more than a week.
  • Putting finishing touches to Tunemio’s impending iPad release. The first beta users are already abusing the app.

The image is of the first exhibit, the kitchen is not exactly ready yet (though the stove and dishwasher are finally working, after a delay of a week and a half).

Jan 012014
  • Blogs: Two.
  • Engine: WordPress.
  • Entries: 225 (here, riding strongly on a 90-entry January.)
  • Pace: Slackened, terribly.
  • Backlog: Long (plenty of “Reading 2013″ entries to complete.)
  • Changes done: Accidental only.
  • Changes planned: Some, mostly to keep up a steady tick of articles.

Analyses of previous years are also available: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009.

Dec 292013

Entropy is expressed in the internet by links going stale.

My “presence in social networks” chunk in the lower edge of the sidebar seems to have crossed into territories beyond the best before-date.

Will fix. At some point.

Dec 272013

Jason Kottke’s blog was one of the starting points back in 2004 when I started thinking about setting up a blog.

In a year-end prediction he claims that the medium has been usurped thoroughly in the last few years and the blog as a concept has quietly expired.

While the rise of alternatives cannot be denied, I firmly believe that there’s still room for longer-form text.

Despite appearances to the contrary, this blog isn’t fading out nor going out with a bang either.

And happily enough, neither is his.

Nov 302013

Been busy.

Sold the house.

Bought a house (though the deal is still pending a couple of details).

Attended Slush.

Crunchtimed a demo of iOS Tunemio for Slush.

Will behave better in the future.

For some values of “better” and “future”.

Jan 202013

In two years (and a little change) the spam problem has been massive and growing.

By the Akismet stats, it has blocked either half a million or 680000 attempts to deface this blog with spam comments (the numbers strangely disagree).

The amount of spam getting through the filter has been fortunately gettiung smaller and smaller as the tool and its database improve.

The newest entry in the world of unwanted mail is the arrival of snail-mail spam, and not just any random advertisements but bills. Huimio registered its first trademark and somehow this seems to be an open invitation to various organizations to test the waters with related opportunities for us to pay extra for nothing. Highly unexpected, but easy to torpedo fortunately – in the words of legal advisors: “don’t do anything”, easy enough advice to follow.

Jan 012013
  • Blogs: three-ish: this, obviously; the N9 Developer is defunct, and two new ones are gestating and not ready for the public.
  • Engine: WordPress in all.
  • Entries: here: 321 (quite a dip from the previous heights).
  • Backlog: downright terrifying.
  • Changes done: apart from the lowered posting rate and quality, not really.
  • Changes planned: Huimio and Tunemio blogs will definitely see daylight. The two others as well.

Analyses of previous years are also available: 2011, 2010, 2009.

Sep 092012

Finally updated the content of most sidebar elements.

Apart from the “books read”-bit, they were pathetically stale.

Now they contain mostly valid data (ie. the movies I aim to see haven’t left the big screen half a year ago).

Sep 012012

August wasn’t much of an improvement over the glacial posting pace set in July.

Main cause was the nine day outage by the service provider, but that’s hardly the reason why the rest of the month was such a drag.

Again, things will get better. And with the fantasy football season starting, there’s at least one weekly posting that needs attention.