Aug 122012

Mind the Gap, the service provider behind provided an eight day spell of offlinedom on account of a broken server (and subsequent backup-related misery).

The providers’ explanations are confusing and contradictory.

The outage affected ~8% of their customers, of whom probably was the in the lowest 2% of damages. Several companies have endured kiloeuros of losses on account of this, my hit was just inconvenience and an enforced sabbatical from posting. Hardly compares.

The backups seem to be from the beginning of August, so the concrete losses are three posts (to be republished next week).

Jul 142012

To celebrate the longest editorial absence thus far, I switched the theme of the blog.

Lavonardo now runs Suffusion. Suffusion is an awesomely flexible and complex beast. So things probably take a while to achieve extra polish. But they should not be broken in the meantime either.

So do please report any weirdness in comments.

Mar 042012

Been lazy lately, the backlog is brimming with interesting topics, and I’ve been concentrating on photography and arbitary links instead.

Thus, it’s time to improve things with the lengthening days and increasing sunshine.

First up: movie reviews. I plan to be up-to-date with them by the time I see John Carter (and that’s not an excuse to wait for the Bluray release in the summer).

Then: a few travel blogs (distilled into single entries on account not being even remotely fresh any more), a couple of gigs, handful of games and some insights into ongoing projects.

Jan 182012

Yeah, today is the long-awaited SOPA/PIPA-protest day.

I am obviously totally against the heavy-handed censorship proposal, but am not turning the blog off.

After all, I had my four hours of darkness yesterday following the cPanel mishap in the afternoon.

And if the blog would have been switched off, I wouldn’t have been able to post this glorious rendition of American Pie. And not just ANY rendition of American Pie, but one with LOLcats in it!

Jan 172012

Managed to mangle the password to the blog today and thus render this completely unreachable for a couple of hours.


The fact that cPanel can change the MySQL password came as a definitely unpleasant surprise.

Jan 012012
  • Blogs: 2 (this, and joint custody of the N9 Developer blog at work).
  • Engine: WordPress here, Lifetype in the other.
  • Changes: Not much. Plenty of photos, not much other substance.
  • Entries: Here: 1009.
  • Backlog: Fearsome.
  • Forthcoming changes: TBC, nothing big planned.

Previous years analyses also available: 2010, 2009.

Dec 032011

The spam keeps on piling up, and I’m seriously tempted by a CAPTCHA plugin. After all, if one such could prevent the regular influx of bogus comments to the entries dealing with Alfred Hitchcock, I’d be so much happier.

Oct 222011

Yay, comments are rarer than entries, but breaking a barrier is always cause for celebration.

(And yeah, the real number is quite a bit higher, but the original batch didn’t migrate. I.e. the comments from the era when I was still using Haloscan with the self-baked system are gone in the great /dev/null in the sky.

Aug 302011

It’s been a bit boring and impersonal here, lately.

The blog’s quietly deteriorated into an unholy mixture of a tumbleblog and a collection of photo challenge entries.

Can’t promise that things get any better – but at least now, having surveyed the damage, I will aim for a more contentful approach.

The impending NFL season (and the weekly reports how the ‘niners did), quite a few reviews and a couple of interesting longer articles doubtless will spice up the autumn.

Aug 262011

This blog is now six thousand entries old.

As previously, there’s no cake (it’s a lie, anyway), no candles, and absolutely no singing.

The 1000 extra entries took about a year to materialize, as the previous milestone was achieved almost a year ago on september 1st last year.