Dec 282013

In addition to Ursa’s fare, Helsingin Sanomat publishes two astronomy-centered blogs: Kuubongari contains pictures of the moon (and stories how the pictures were taken) whereas Kohti Tähtiä is more scattershot in its topic choices.

Sadly, hesari puts the blogs behind its paywall (trivially circumvented, but annoying nonetheless), but at least the lunar pictures can be seen for free.

Dec 272013

Jason Kottke’s blog was one of the starting points back in 2004 when I started thinking about setting up a blog.

In a year-end prediction he claims that the medium has been usurped thoroughly in the last few years and the blog as a concept has quietly expired.

While the rise of alternatives cannot be denied, I firmly believe that there’s still room for longer-form text.

Despite appearances to the contrary, this blog isn’t fading out nor going out with a bang either.

And happily enough, neither is his.

Sep 122012

When I moved into Maemo unit of Nokia back in 2008, I was positively surprised by the internal blog culture flourishing in the company. One of the blogs I liked the best has now resurfaced in a form available to all readers.

Real Box Score is J-P Sipponen’s new blog. The first few entries contain quite a bit of meat already, and the feed of the blog has ended up on the ever-growing collection in Google Reader.