Dec 302012

Skrolli logo
Most computer gaming/hardware/whatever magazines have slowly but irrevocably turned into vehicles of consumption, only rarely do they contain anything singnificant on creating something or understanding things any deeper than the surface.

The new marshall in town, Skrolli (in finnish), aims to correct that.

The zeroth issue (a four-pager .pdf) is out already, and the first proper magazine should see daylight in early 2013.

May 092011

Leafsnap logoLeafsnap is “an electronic field guide”, an application that identify tree species in photographs.

Right now the application is limited to the trees of New York and DC, but set to gradually expand to cover the entire united states.

Nothing short of impressive, and bound to expand to other plants (and hopefully other regions) as well. Animals might be more challenging, mainly on account of the suboptimal optics the modern phones are saddled with.