Mar 022014

Typeset in the Future is an impressive analysis of the typography of the future, as shown in classic science fiction films.

The pace is appropriately slow for such thorough articles:

And that’s where I have bad news, I’m afraid. It’s not Eurostile. It’s not even Eurostile’s daddy, Microgramma. According to conceptual designer Gavin Rothery, it’s actually Microstyle.

Dec 282013

Practical Typography is a freely available book on the theory and applications of typography.

Well-written, lengthy and not naggy at all about compensation.

Heavily recommended.

You can still make good ty­pog­ra­phy with sys­tem fonts. But choose wise­ly. And nev­er choose times new roman or Arial, as those fonts are fa­vored only by the ap­a­thet­ic and slop­py.

Jan 052013

Dim sumEven though the domestic chinese restaurants don’t have much of a choice of dim sum dishes available, this buzzfeed guide on the subject will be of use some day, I’m sure.

And there definitely should be an app for this, after all, you never know which back alley of Chongquing the information proves vital (and even if the reception is all right, the roaming charges for such a image-heavy page will be murder).

Jul 242012

A List Apart’s summer reading issue provides plenty of interesting articles. Some of them more than a decade old, others containing ideas that are still very much top-shelf quality.

It would have been even more interesting to have a commentary track for the individual articles, pointing out details that have been taken care of by standardization or browser evolution, of newer documentation supplementing the original and so on. But even as it is, the collection is a treasure trove.