Feb 022013

Celebrating the first Metallica gig in Finland back in 1984: Metallisika tribute.

Back in the eighties the up-and-coming bands had to settle for lesser arenas, hence the future multiplatinum artists played in Tarvasjoki, a definite middle of nowhere up in ostrobothnia.

Jan 262013

Long Play logoLong Play is the first finnish “slow journalism” site. It was opened last week and the premiere story is on corruption in football (mainly finnish football, but odd characters abound nonetheless).

Their earnings model is per-story, but there’s no proper webstore or reader application yet. Right now Elisa Kirja sounds like the best payment option (fortunately there is a dedicated app in the works).

Oct 012012

Today’s Fingerpori featured a surprising guest star: Jouko Piho, a quasi-famous “prophet”, whose blog at Uusi Suomi is often too painful to read.

He seems to have taken the strip rather well, after all, it is by no means a mean one. So there’s little danger to have it disappear from the archives (thus far just one strip has been censured).

Fingerpori 1.10.2012

Aug 162010

Sailing in the Gulf of FinlandAccording to a Newsweek article Finland is the best country on earth.

Yay. Recognition that once again builds on top of the Pisa study, showing finnish schoolkids to be the best educated. But who’s counting – this may be the sole victory of the year for the nation (yes, in addition to two orienteering gold medals, that is).

Aug 032010

Thanks to Janne, the sad state of internet-savviness of the finnish green party is now on the table. Or the utter lack thereof.

I’m sure Jyrki Kasvi, whom I could now (following the move to Espoo) vote for, is not happy with the state of affairs.

And unless Kaisa Rastimo’s cluelessness is reined in, the vote for the greens remains just a prospect, not reality.

May 092010

Finland had less than an auspicious start in the ice hockey world championship games in Germany.

A decisive 4-1 loss to Denmark (not exactly a hockey powerhouse to say the least) means that the two remaining games in the group stage have quite a bit more importance.

Until Finland got its first medal (a silver) in the Calgary olympics in 1988, the medals chronically avoided us, as Tekno-Kekko’s thorough analysis proves.

Next up: Germany on Monday evening. Germany, who managed to beat USA in their debut game in the tournament, so the bout is by no means a walk in the park.