Jan 012015

  • Watched Elmo grow and continue to learn and enjoy things at his own pace.
  • Raised the first seed round for Huimio, and released Tunemio on iPad and Singing Christmas Greetings on iOS.
  • Moved in to the new house (same neighbourhood, good two kilometers further westwards).
  • Once again stayed entirely within Finland the whole year.
  • Blogged even less than in 2013 and haircutted in Facebook insted.
  • Took most of the photos with iPhone.
  • Chili-growing was late on account of the move in February, and the crop tiny to say the least.
  • No geocaches.
  • Cooked at least one recipe out of 67 of our 72 cookbooks (nicely >90% coverage).
  • Sequel to Chinese Democracy remains unreleased.
  • Hadean Lands was released.

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Feb 282014

kitchen wallA grand total of one post in the whole month.

Yeah, February’s shorter, but that’s not the reason.

A triple whammy, that’s the reason:

  • Moved house (and it’s not the distance, but the stuff that’s the defining factor).
  • Enjoyed not one, but two bouts of flu. Only one day of real illness, but a lingering runny nose for more than a week.
  • Putting finishing touches to Tunemio’s impending iPad release. The first beta users are already abusing the app.

The image is of the first exhibit, the kitchen is not exactly ready yet (though the stove and dishwasher are finally working, after a delay of a week and a half).

Jan 012014
  • Film: The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug (saw a grand total of TWO movies in theatres, and this was the better one.)
  • Television show: Doctor Who.
  • Album:Ghost’s Infestissumam.
  • Song: Rose Tattoo by Dropkick Murphys, off Signed and Sealed in Blood.
  • Concert: Rush.
  • Book (fiction): Jo Nesbø’s Panssarisydän.
  • Book (non-fiction): Chris Anderson’s Makers.
  • Book (domestic): Antti Tuomainen’s Parantaja.
  • Comic (graphic novel): Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples’ Saga.
  • Comic (strip): Fingerpori.
  • Comic (webcomic): XKCD.
  • Videogame: Hay Day.
  • Application: Evernote.
  • Social network: Untappd.
  • Gadget: iPhone.
  • Boardgame: 7 Wonders.
  • Dinner: The one at Muru.
  • Bar: Kaisla.
  • Sports-related: Utah Jazz’s inexplicable desire to tank by selling all its marquee plyers.
  • Person of the Year: Edward Snowden.

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Jan 012014


  • Watched Elmo grow and learn things at his own pace.
  • Released Tunemio for OS X and reached #1 position in 10+ countries with it.
  • Worked a lot on Tunemio for iOS.
  • Worked a lot on funding Huimio.
  • Sold the house.
  • Bought a house.
  • Visited no other countries at all (Tampere does not qualify).
  • Blogged less and less.
  • Bought an iPhone.
  • Didn’t have a haircut.
  • Turned to the iPhone as the primary camera as we seem to have misplaced the Ixus during an open house.
  • Played way less games.
  • Didn’t have a functional DVR (went all Skynet on new year’s day last year).
  • Didn’t pick up any geocaches at all.
  • Grew quite a few chilis to fruits.
  • Kept on being amused by our cats (and am harboring a tiny desire to get a kitten to accompany the two).
  • Sequel to Chinese Democracy was not released.
  • Neither was Hadean Lands.
  • Therapy projects still on hold (though I did cook up a Fingerpori-reader while really frustrated with funding).
  • Cooking therapy projects didn’t evolve beyond last year’s (Ancienne / Islay mustard worked this year, too, though).

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Nov 302013

Been busy.

Sold the house.

Bought a house (though the deal is still pending a couple of details).

Attended Slush.

Crunchtimed a demo of iOS Tunemio for Slush.

Will behave better in the future.

For some values of “better” and “future”.

Mar 282013

Been a very busy March.

The frantic pace hasn’t been helped by a quickish kickoff of a moving campaign – trying to both find a new house and sell the current one is quite an extra spice.

Feb 112013

Today it’s been two years since Stephen Elop set the platforms on fire.

A lot has happened since.

And happily enough, I’m not wearing a MeeGo shirt today out of spite.

Time indeed heals wounds.

Jan 012013
  • Film: The Hobbit, an Unexpected Journey (missed so many movies, it’s nowhere near funny)
  • Album: Sabaton’s Carolus Rex (haven’t picked up the new Neil Young & Crazy Horse album yet)
  • Song: Ett Livstid i Krig (off Carolus Rex)
  • Concert: Paradise Lost in FME
  • Book (fiction): Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One
  • Book (non-fiction): David Crystal’s The Story of English in 100 Words
  • Book (domestic): Emmi Itäranta’s Teemestarin Kirja
  • Comic: Moebius’ Arzak
  • Strip: Kamala Luonto by Jarkko Vehniäinen
  • Webcomic: XKCD
  • Television show: Boardwalk Empire (haven’t yet seen a single second season episode of Game of Thrones, though).
  • Videogame: Mass Effect 3 (played for two hours thus far)
  • Application: Paper
  • Gadget: iPad
  • Boardgame: 7 Wonders
  • Dinner: The one in Nokka (with multiple morel-tasting dishes)
  • Bar: Kaisla
  • Sports-related: Spain’s continued reign, Messi’s incomparable production
  • Person of the Year: Elmo Lavonius

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Jan 012013

What a turbulent year it was:

  • Gained a son.
  • Lost a mother.
  • Left Nokia, stayed in the MeeGo organization to the end and was one of the people to turn off the lights.
  • Founded a startup company, Huimio (and rented an office).
  • Wrote thousands of lines of real production code.
  • Still living in Espoo.
  • Still busy on Facebook.
  • Visited only one new country (China, on the most unlikely business trip so far).
  • Blogged less and less as the year went on.
  • Took fewer photographs. And the ones taken are pretty much single-subject only.
  • Bought a new Ixus, no lenses for the DSLR.
  • Bought a retina iPad.
  • Played way less games.
  • Geocached ridiculously little.
  • Abandoned chili 2012 project in mid-flight.
  • Was greatly amused by our two cats.
  • Guns n’ Roses sequel to Chinese Democracy was not released.
  • Therapy programming projects pretty much on hold on account of Tunemio, Huimio’s first product.
  • Initial cooking therapy projects deemed successful: very nice Ancienne/Ardbeg-mustard and Strawberry liqueour for Christmas.

Previous years’ analyses are also available:
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Dec 302012

Good to know that there’s a wikipedia article on the concept of applying blunt force to a malfunctioning device.

My personal hall of fame-contribution to the annals of technical tapping is a hairline fracture in the right big toe on account of a television (this was the eighties, a modern screen would burst into atoms at such treatment).

Sep 022012

I managed to leave my departure from Nokia completely unannounced here.

The exit date coincided with the nine day service outage last month and hence was conveniently omitted here.

The 17 year ride is now over.

Did lots. And was prevented from doing lots more by variously credible reasons.

Travelled aplenty. Worst damages were a heatstroke in Kuala Lumpur and stolen trousers in New York.

Made scores of friends. And a few enemies. I intend to keep the former and forget about the latter.

As the lack of changes in my LinkedIn-profile indicate, the next steps are still in stealth mode. But slowly creeping into the light.

Stay tuned.

Jul 162012

A newly transplanted oakFour new and previously unattempted things during the last week:

  • Planted a tree. An oak tree for Elmo in the sideyard. Yeah, it’s a slow-growing tree, but we’re not in a hurry.
  • Used Metaxa in cooking. Mixes very well with a creamy chantarelle stew.
  • Had liquid nitrogen applied on my skin. Touch receptors tune out immediately, so I didn’t experience as much cold as I expected.
  • Had a shopping cart hijacked in a grocery store. And returned ten minutes later after the accidental theft was publicized over PA. Serious props to the guy for returning it, since he could have easily disposed of it in a dark corner of the shop.
Jul 142012


It’s been a month since the previous posting.

And plenty has happened.

Piglet (as shown on the right) got a name. Our son is called Elmo Gabriel Edvin Lavonius.

Resigned from Nokia on the fourth of july. My last day will be the fourth of august.

Been busy with the new company. But not that busy that we would actually have a product or even a website yet.

May 152012

Hello World!

The reason for the recent and very much prolonged silence here.

Our son was born last Friday, 11.5.

Half a meter long and 3.6 kilograms in weight.

Thus far he’s happy to sleep, eat, carefully peep at the wonders of the world, and crack an occasional smile a little.

May 012012

April blogging spree started well, but ended up drying out mid-month.

No good reasons for it.

Work is effectively stressless (and there’s a grand total of two days left).

In lieu of illusionary work, wrote a few more toy applications for Harmattan (and they’ve been in the Nokia Store pipeline for a good while now).

The next move is in formative stages (and there will be more data once the concept is clarified).

Junior hasn’t been popped out yet (and there’s been no related complications).

Had a flu (but it was turbocharged and gone in three days).

Been just plain lazy.

And as a bonus: skipped Ullanlinnanmäki for the first time in more than a decade.

Feb 132012

Following the demise of Nadja the old maid cat, the house remained felineless for a few short weeks.

Her successors are Jansson and Laku, both strays taken from Hesy.

Both are spayed males and have taken to the new surroundings with interest and gusto.

JanssonJansson is the older of the two, a four year old tom. His favorite place is, as shown in the photo, the backrest of the livingroom sofa. With or without any humans on the sofa.

Laku is seven months old. An almost entirely black kitten. He was very shy initially, but has gotten tame enough to seek out laps.

Thus far the cats have had a mild effect on accommodations – one totalled felt bunny and a couple of relocated houseplants.