Jun 042012

OS X Lion logoFinally installed OS X 10.7.

The installation process (over the long-served Snow Leopard) was smooth. The only damages were the loss of a functional Rails installation (easily rectified) and my inability to go back to a gentle swipe on the trackpad waking the machine up (nowadays it requires a click).

Dec 282008

Head of a straw pig

  • It’s a bad omen when (according to tickets) there’s 150+ folks lining up for service before you in a shop.
  • Spaces (the virtual desktop provided in OS X Leopard) rules – too bad Office 2008 does not fully co-operate when it’s used.
  • Didn’t OD on turkey this year either. Tried hard, the stuffing alone was fabulous.
  • Didn’t update to 2.7 yet – it’s coming, rest assured.
  • Plevnan Petolintu gets the “hopsiest beer”-award for December.
  • And yes, that IS a straw pig. Why should it be only goats that get represented in the medium?
  • Detroit Lions looks set to be the first NFL team to finish a season 0-16.
Sep 022008

Meh. Chrome, Google’s new browser is a windows-only release for the time being.

Time to play with it tomorrow at work, then.

Looks nifty in the promotional materials, but most things do. But very few of them are actually accompanied by an informative comic by Scott McCloud, the foremost theorist of the field.

Fortunately the versions for the operating systems following in popularity are very much in development. But release dates, have wisely not been given.

May 292008

Meh, Google did not yet release the Google Earth plugin for Mac yet.

And there’s no word on its future availability, either.

Same thing happened with Microsoft’s recent Worldwide Telescope, a Mac native version was not released concurrently with the Windows implementation.

Both seem very interesting, but not interesting enough to warrant experimentation with the likes of Bootcamp or VMWare Fusion. But these two definitely pile up in the scales already weighed down with Civilization 4.

Apr 282008

In an unexpected turn of events, Psystar, the alleged supplier of cloned Macintosh computers has been proven legit.

Legit in the sense that someone’s been able to capture a machine on video, not to the extent of being legal in any way.

Bets on Apple suing the proverbial socks off the company are taken at the usual bookies.

Mar 242008

A very relaxing easter weekend is drawing to a close, and what would be a better way to finish it off than bunnies.

A doubleheader of them, to be exact.

Useless Creations’ screensaver puts a group of rabbits on screen, and manages not to get annoying in the first fifteen seconds. In screensaver-land, that’s a plenty.

The second item is a triplet of songs from the second best episode of Buffy ever, Once More, With Feeling. There’s just no beating the Hush, but as a source for peppy songs, this award-winning sixth season episode comes up tops.

Jan 032008


Last week’s not been that good in the non-hassleness of computers.

Exhibit A: The wordpress configuration issue (inability to grant privileges) that consumed a significant chunk of last friday evening turned out to be a feature offered by the service provider. Circumvented, by taking a slight shortcut in the installation.

Exhibit B: The new version of the Nokia Multimedia Transfer tool gets into an infinite loop upon startup and is, obviously, unable to gather any photographs from the mobile phone. Using the USB-cable and the phone in data transfer mode enables image retrieval, and is not too much of an extra effort to perform.

Exhibit B.1: The n95′s bluetooth is somehow utterly unable to play nice with Lynch, and sending of any files directly from the phone fails immediately. Might be fixed with a new firmware, might not.

Exhibit C: Freemind’s latest official build seems to be totally incompatible with Leopard, but a beta build of the 0.9-series comes to the rescue.

Exhibit D: The chosen WordPress theme seems to break at the seams when not really extraordinary cases are reached. Eg. having a post title longer than a single line ends up in a horrible overlap-o-rama.

Oct 102006

Attempted an easy way to get the music on my venerable PC (and the host of the old iPod) to gromit the iBook.

Attempted several transfer programs, but all of them met with different mishaps.

iPod Viewer failed utterly. It wasn’t even able to read the track information off the old gadget.

Rob’s iPod Exporter failed to install. Though the fault seems to be in the packaging, not the program itself.

Ollie’s iPod Extractor failed with an unexplained dialog box about a too long argument list. Its newer version Broken Helix worked better, but the program slowed down after around 600 songs and ground to a halt at 630. No idea why, but a colleague’s idea about running the fsck-equivalent on the VFAT-filesystem would definitely be an idea worth considering.

Discouraged, put the new nano into good use and used it to shuttle a full load of songs between the computers. Here the Broken Helix worked perfectly.

Jul 262006

Despite the sunshine, some interesting destinations have accumulated:

  • DRM is bad, mmmkay? And it’s always good to know the enemy.
  • Wanted to check out whose song Radar Love originally was, and was broadsided by this information blast. Never guessed that it was this popular.
  • Ptolus looks like it’ll be the biggest game-related publication ever. And most expensive. Though the idea of having lots and lots of unprinted material available on an attached cd is a very good idea.
  • It’s been a week since the world jump day, and at least I’m oblivious to any axial wobble the six hundred million participants have caused.
  • Finland’s selection of insects (and related animals) is far narrower than that of the US. And especially that of any big/poisonous enough to be hazardous to health is very small. But a bug-identification site like or would still be good.
  • Now this is getting seriously funky and impressively twisted! Doom 1 is playable on a monitor screen in Doom 3.
  • Amit Singh’s book on the internals of Apple’s OS X looks very interesting. And the web-only bonus content is an excellent addition – the latest extra chapter is a 140 page history of all the operating systems put out by Apple, since the seventies.
  • And hopefully Singh’s book is still valid after the fifth release of OS X (codenamed Leopard). The content’s been kept under wraps solidly, and the best guesses as to what’s going to be in can be found in the keynote bingo for the Worldwide Developer Conference on the first week on august.
  • Now this registers high on the nift-o-meter: gotapi.com is an interactive syntax guide for those awkward moments when, say, the attribute names of tag prove elusive.
Jul 072006

Gromit’s bluetooth seems to be acting up once again, and hence the posting of any recent images will be postponed.

Don’t worry, they aren’t particularly interesting (or even good) images.

Apr 102006

Gromit the laptop now has a full gig of RAM onboard.

And while it’s indeed noble to depend on the kindness of friends, this needs to be paid in full.

Not in money – that would be vulgar. Nothing was actually given as barter, but I think a pig-out at Koto accompanied with an inordinate amount of sake would be a fair enough trade.

Mar 072006

All of a sudden gromit the iBook has started to exhibit worrisome behaviour.

First was the unexpected thought that my wi-fi basestation had suddenly changed its security settings. The poor laptop had to be restarted to rectify the situation.

The other, but far less acute cause for worry is the occasional disappearance of the menulets from the far right of the menu bar. Has happened a couple of times.

Lost bluetooth now twice – all of a sudden it just fails to work, and trying to pull the relevant control panel from system preferences hangs. Not the system, of course, just the preferences process.

Mystifying, but apart from the first symptom not something I’m really going to worry about.

Feb 242006

Had a semi-spontaneous day off.

No grandiose plans. No attempts to do anything extraordinarily nifty. No great weather enticing for a lengthy walk on the ice.

Nope. Just a generally lazy friday, spent without too much planning in advance.

Bought a Tucano second skin neopren-case for gromit the iBook.

Noted that there’s a new player in town for Co2-fertilizing the aquarium. Hydor’s systems are neatly priced between the cheap fermentation-based and the scarily technological Sera-systems. Bought an extra set of fermenters and will look into replacing them soon, not right now. Especially when the company website’s lack of infromation indicates that the product family is brand new.

Had the best pizza in absolute ages. La Famiglia Cellar is clearly a place to return to. Thin crust, lavish layer of toppings, and not at all drowned in molten cheese. Time to go for seconds soon, the list had quite a bit of variety on offer. And unlike the upstairs establishment, there was absolutely no queues. Nice.

Jan 132006

Just experienced the very first (and hopefully the only) utter lock-up of the iBook. The Beachball of Doom happily kept spinning on screen, and application selection seemed not to work at all, and the offending program (firefox was active at the time of the jam-o-moment) could not be force-quit from the dock either.

No idea what kinds of post-mortem tools there exist for OS X, and how they could be used. And I don’t really intend to find out, either.

Nov 212005

Daylight on the seaside
Daylight on the seaside, part 2
Got the 6680 talking to the iBook. Here’s a couple of pictures from today’s excursion to Kirkkonummi. The latter has a nice burn-in from an extreme against-the-sun take.

Pictures taken outside turn out well, but any challenging conditions (especially low light inside) overwhelm the poor camera. Though occasionally (like this image of Sigur Rós) the random number generator within the CCD hits paydirt.

But even low-quality pictures are always better than no pictures at all. And that’s what a camera phone is about – an ubiquitous imaging device, not one that produces gallery-ready art.

Nov 082005

The best programs are born of need. Usually a need to do something current solutions are not able to.

Hence the birth of FlickrFS, a virtual file system for Linux that allows direct posting of images by just copying them into a mount point. Coolness gracious, and explanatory blog entries do not diminish the accomplishment. Were I still a Linux user, I’d definitely take this for a spin around the block.

Been looking for a therapy project for a while, but haven’t stumbled on any small enough to figure out in a reasonable amount of time. But then, it’ll be a while before I’m any prolific as an os x coder. Finally installed xcode on gromit – looks rather formidable as an IDE. Installation provided traditional command line tools on the side as well. Was rather mystified by lack of ‘make’ in baseline installation. Got it now, and world’s a tad better place once again.

Oct 312005

Woo, first mac-related entry here in a long long while. It’s not that I have nothing to say about the subject, but nothing has exactly broken the surface yet.

Anyway, turns out that I seem to be incompatible with iPhoto. It just seems to be too constricting to work as an image-editing solution.

The best OS X software guidance site (snadiomena) I’ve located thus far features a wide array of alternatives.

And now’s the time to pick and choose… Ought to be cheap(ish) (so photoshop CS is out), should have a decent interface (so GIMP is definitely at risk here), ability to deal with a decent swath of image formats (so getting an ancient version of photoshop is not an option) and altogether be more of an image manipulation program than something that attempts to organize my photos every chance it gets.

Have played with adobe’s Elements, photoshop’s kid brother, and it satisfies most requirements above. And its eagerness to reorder and tag photos can be curtailed by forcing it to work in a pure edit mode. So that just might be it, or not. I guess I have to bite the bullet and try out a couple of others before settling down.

Oct 012005

Finally got my iBook from Stockmann. The dreadful “supply difficulties” lasted some five weeks.

And the machine got updated in the meantime – laptops with 40GB disks were not forthcoming, so I upgraded to 60GB.

Had Tiger pre-installed, and an almost full battery. But no mouse, and being a founding member in the Touchpad-Haters Anonymous, this was a slight hitch.

Played with the machine until the battery ran dry. The GUI is very good, full of imaginative shortcuts (a lot of them behind key-combos) and pleasing to the eye. And there’s a real OS underneath – terminal allows access to shell. Which came in useful when firefox went berserk and had to be killed. Hadn’t yet got to “force quit”-topic in David Pogue’s great book, and had to resort to the old “kill -9″ trick. Which worked as expected. Charming. I think this could be the beginning of a long friendship indeed.

But I will grab a new mouse. Cordless, optical. As soon as possible.

And rest assured that the blog will feature whoops of joy or cries of what on earth are they adding to the water in Cupertino! as the co-existence deepens.

Next up: installing Xcode-suite and selecting an editor.

Aug 302005

Indeed, went ahead and bought new laptop. A 12″ iBook to be exact. Of the new generation (with a bigger disk, and slightly faster CPU). Of the generation that’s had some supply difficulties – so I’m not exactly in possession of the computer yet. But will, soonest. Or so they reassured me.

Why a mac?

Take your pick of the following, or mix together well in a blender before consumption.

  • Had my fill of struggling against Windows in its various guises.
  • Desired to try out whether OS X is worth its rep.
  • Had my fill of struggling against Linux on desktop.
  • Just plain wanted to try out something new.
  • I like the design of the macs.
  • Wanted a well-designed GUI with a proven CLI.
  • Palm has had its day and been replaced with Moleskine.
  • It isn’t going to be the primary computer of the house anyhow.
  • You can use a multibutton mouse.

I think the nonsense-list of OS X apps will come in very handy.

Aug 282005

Went shopping to buy trousers, but bought a laptop instead.

Stockmann’s fault clearly, they do know that it’s been ’501 – dark indigo – 34″/32″‘ for at least the last five years.

And yeah, it’s an iBook.

And no, this does not happen often.