May 032010

Gowalla logoGowalla is a location-based social networking game that’s rapidly expanding all over the world.

It resembles waymarking, the cacheless version of geocaching, a lot.

Basically participants use their location-enabled gadgets to log their whereabouts. The social aspect is the effortless ability to let your friends know where you are, the gaming aspect is the potential to visit as many locations as possible. And to create plenty of new locations, since the world is mostly unmarked thus far.

Most of the locations are tagged with a default icon (one per subcategory such as a bar, pharmacy or a park), but the most famous ones get a dedicated symbol. Thus far Finland doesn’t seem to have any, whereas Sweden has accrued already several.

Unlike its slightly more famous counterpart Foursquare, Gowalla works well with the Nokia N900. Originally geolocation had to be enabled with a browser add-on, but these days it works out of the box.

Very much like Foursquare, the Gowalla service rewards progress with badges – testimonials of progress (such as visiting and creating new spots).

May 172009

Triptropping New YorkTriptropnyc is a new service that shows how long does it take from place A to place B in New York using the subway.

While a similar service (tied to subterranean transport alone) would be useless in Helsinki, in properfly metro-infested cities like London or Paris this would be very useful indeed.

Metro used to reign over this ecological niche. The curious omission of an iphone version seems to be rectified soon.

May 152009

Geek Atlas-coverO’Reilly is about to publish a geek atlas.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a few of the featured sites (no doubt heavily concentrated in California between San Jose and San Francisco): CERN ought to be there on multiple accounts, Linus Torvalds’ crib on Pietarinkatu might be.

Nov 272007

Do not attempt to locate a hidden message in the selection.

There isn’t any.

Jun 182007

Why, certainly!


  • One more great map from strangemaps, this one showing which US state matches with which country size- and GDP-wise. Finland = Colorado, which ain’t bad at all.
  • Photographs of speed. Some seriously great snaps.
  • The end is nigh: multicore programming is hard.
  • With candidates like these, the seven new wonders are bound to be boring. Where’s teh internet from the list?
  • Been a happy google reader user for quite a while, but with their recent data loss issues, having another RSS-reader might be worthwhile. Or not. Anyway, seems that there’s quite a selection of the tools available.
  • Sushi books.
  • Editing CSS isn’t exactly the best fun available, a good editor makes it less of a chore.
  • Airlinemeals, just the thing to check before a transatlantic crossing in the cattle section of a 757.
  • The 65 million dollar pants-case makes it to the court. By the description the session was high on surreal, and fortunately low on understanding the accuser.

[ image nabbed from goopymart‘s photoset on flickr. ]

Mar 142007

Abba the HuttNo rhyme or reason, just things to poke and click.

[ Abba the Hutt image from studio muscle. ]

Jan 162007

The license and registration, please.

Jan 042007

For those about to click.

Jason Kottke has listed the cream of the crop of his 2400 links remaindered last year. Most still as interesting as on the day of posting.

Oct 042006

Big Bug in GermanyGermany is under martial law, following the appearance of a gigantic insect on the countryside, as shown on the attached image from Google Maps. Fortunately the critter has been very docile, and has not moved since the initial sighting.

Seriously, though, this is old hat, and the insect has been identified as a thrips that got squished during the scanning of aerial (as opposed to satellite) photography.

Aug 252006

Where n is 9.