Apr 062014

Canon Powershot S110We lost our Ixus in the move to the new HQ.

Not during the move, but likely in one of the open house days.

Picked up a replacement, a Powershot S110 the other day.

And it’s not only a replacement, but a significant improvement:

  • Instead of a laggy touchscreen UI, this has buttons. That click.
  • It does RAW.
  • It can go full manual, and has an awesomely haptic ring for adjustments.
  • It has a 2.0 aperture.
  • It’s small, and fits into a pocket.

Haven’t played with WLAN connectivity, but its time will come.

Yeah, in the age of ever-improving phone cameras this feels a bit redundant, but the image quality is significantly better than on my iphone 5. I consider them complementary. After all, the phone is ubiquitous, and the camera more home-bound.