Aug 012008

B:  BallI’m late for the second week’s ABC Wednesday again.

And recycling an image used previously in a Macroday challenge.

No matter what, this was the most appropriate image for the “B”, after all, the ball in the picture is pretty formidably focused on.

Jul 242008

The ABC Wednesday has started its third round, and now’s a good time to jump aboard.

The alphabet starts with the “A”, obviously, and the for the subject I’ve chosen the piece of Amazon in the corner of my living room – a 190 liter aquarium.

ABC Wednesday - 3rd round:  A - Aquarium

And based on the image, it’s rather clear that the aquarium needs a bit of redecoration, de-algaeing of the front glass and a couple of bigger fish.

(And while this is an ABC wednesday image – I’m still missing the magic dust needed to be able to include it on the original blog. Maybe this will happen in time for “B”. Maybe not.)