Jan 012014

Snow Moomins

  • Pictures taken: Far less than I should have (somewhere in the 1000-1500.)
  • Cameras: Added iPhone, apparently removed Ixus (no idea where it has gone.)
  • Memes participated in: The same, though during the great posting drought of latter half, they, too suffered greatly.
  • Changes planned: More pictures for starters. And to kinda force my hand, I shall use an APOD-scheme to ensure daily photography.

These cool snow moomins are from last winter, there’s still no snow on the ground.

Dec 282013

In addition to Ursa’s fare, Helsingin Sanomat publishes two astronomy-centered blogs: Kuubongari contains pictures of the moon (and stories how the pictures were taken) whereas Kohti Tähtiä is more scattershot in its topic choices.

Sadly, hesari puts the blogs behind its paywall (trivially circumvented, but annoying nonetheless), but at least the lunar pictures can be seen for free.