Feb 092012

First entry into the reworked yykaakoonee-challenge.

Yy kaa koo nee #014 / 1: work

This is the Nokia N9, the first, last, best and only MeeGo phone.

I worked on this for three years and change.

And on this image my handwork is visible in the Terminal and SDK Connectivity tools.

Yy kaa koo nee #014 / 2: holiday

Red sands from Uluru and a boomerang from Sydney.

A great holiday in Australia, back in 2006.

Yy kaa koo nee #014 / 3: hobbySome of the plants currently growing in the Zen Grow station: tarragon, rucola and basil.

Yy kaa koo nee #014 / 4: disliked activityIroning is definitely not a favorite activity.

Yy kaa koo nee #014.

Dec 132009

Yy kaa koo nee #001: The year you got your first computer1984. I’m pretty sure, wasn’t earlier, and definitely wasn’t later – I was already hooked on Infocom in December that year.

The first computer in the house was a Commodore 64.

The image is shamelessly snapped in Akateeminen, the bookshelves at the HQ are at an industrial-strength disorder.

Yy kaa koo nee #001: The year you got your first computer.