Mar 282009

Yy kaa koo nee #22:  11For this week’s Yy kaa koo nee challenge of 11 I chose the 1984 rockumentary that made that number very famous indeed, by stretching the amplifier volume upwards just one more notch.

The film is heavily recommended to all who appreciate quality comedy and a downright brutal exposure to the surreal aspects of the music industry.

(And no, I didn’t clip the logo off the web, this is a closeup image of the dvd booklet’s cover).

Mar 142009

Yy kaa koo nee #20:  30The proper yy kaa koo nee challenge for this week is 30.

A number that was not immediately obvious (apart from using a calendar or a book, both of which would have been boring repeats).

This is off the washing tag of a recently bought t-shirt. A shirt, whose designer, Glenn Jones comes heavily recommended – the logos are imaginative and the shirts of sturdy American Apparel descent, so they survive tens of washes.