Aug 032010

Thanks to Janne, the sad state of internet-savviness of the finnish green party is now on the table. Or the utter lack thereof.

I’m sure Jyrki Kasvi, whom I could now (following the move to Espoo) vote for, is not happy with the state of affairs.

And unless Kaisa Rastimo’s cluelessness is reined in, the vote for the greens remains just a prospect, not reality.

Aug 032009

With the volume of a swiss horn.

Wikileaks published a report on the Icelandic collapse of 2008, and immediately got the legal hellhounds on its trail.

Curiously enough, the report was written within one of the banks that went under, and it implicates plenty of the powers that used to be, and sadly, still are. Plenty of shady insider deals, plenty of officials dipping in the till.

Thus far the report, whose veracity is not really questioned, has not seen daylight in mass media either in Iceland or here in Finland.

[ via Piraattiliitto. ]

Jun 072009

The candidate didn’t make it. With less than 3% of the votes still to be tallied, the margin is too wide for a late hour stretch.

Well, EU’s loss is Finland’s gain.

Mar 042009

The actual votes on the snooping law legislation fell like this.

With the capitulation of the greens (including their new General Secretary) and the impending departure of the lone sane man in the building, it’s time to abandon the conventional parties and join the pirates. I’m pretty sure that dangling the prospect of continued presence in power will be less attractive to a group so marginal.