Jan 062014

The Best Software Writing I cover

I’ve liked Joel Spolsky’s writings a lot. While I’ve never used Fogbugz, his role in setting up StackOverflow/StackExchange and Trello is enough to guarantee access to paradise – especially the former is a true lifesaver.

Sadly, the first and only volume of collected writings edited by him is nowhere near the standard established in the blog.

Of the twenty-eight pieces quite a few are completely irrelevant, outdated or just plain uninteresting.

And the few quality ones are not enough for the price of admission.

The anthology severely lacks focus, and oddly enough the least technical pieces (how to work with geeks) are among the best in show.

A moral bonus point for inclusion of explanatory footnotes.

I should have picked up a volume of his greatest hits instead. Or better yet, not have spent any money at all.

Jan 012014
  • Tunemio (application): 600+ commits, around 30k lines of code, mainly Objective C (with a tiny amount of hairy bridging code in C++.)
  • Tunemio (service): a few commits, mainly in python and javascript.
  • Fingerporilainen: a couple of hundred lines of application code and about the same on the server.
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for iOS: just integration work, no code.
  • Final Exam: made sure it compiles with newest Inform, no real work on this.
Dec 282013

nshipster is one Objective C / Cocoa blog I keep on returning to.

Not on account of answering questions (that’s what Stackoverflow is for), but informative articles on a wide variety of topics.

And I’ve got to respect a site whose logo features an animated moustache.

Dec 272013

First it was responsive design to take into account devices with non-desktop screens.

Then it was mobile first, since a lot of reading happens on the smallest screens.

Now it’s offline first to cater for sporadic connectivity.

And I utterly like their premise:

We can’t keep building apps with the desktop mindset of permanent, fast connectivity, where a temporary disconnection or slow service is regarded as a problem and communicated as an error.

Mar 092013

Been a busy couple of weeks.

Relesed two private betas of Tunemio. Unless something fatal crops up, this baby is headed towards the App Store in a week or two.

Changed working schedule to accommodate more wake-up time with Elmo at home. This means working long evenings. And that, obviously, has meant a far slower update frequency here (glacial, I would say).

But here it finally is, the first released screenshot of Tunemio:

Tunemio, the first screenshot

Dec 302012

Skrolli logo
Most computer gaming/hardware/whatever magazines have slowly but irrevocably turned into vehicles of consumption, only rarely do they contain anything singnificant on creating something or understanding things any deeper than the surface.

The new marshall in town, Skrolli (in finnish), aims to correct that.

The zeroth issue (a four-pager .pdf) is out already, and the first proper magazine should see daylight in early 2013.

Sep 022012

One of the things that didn’t go according to specs in the departure from Mother Nokia was my publishing account.

It’s now locked out, despite the promises that the account would remain valid after the departure.

So no updates on the download figures of published content yet. Last time I checked Fingerporilainen was somewhere below 7k downloads, the others far lower.

Jul 242012

A List Apart’s summer reading issue provides plenty of interesting articles. Some of them more than a decade old, others containing ideas that are still very much top-shelf quality.

It would have been even more interesting to have a commentary track for the individual articles, pointing out details that have been taken care of by standardization or browser evolution, of newer documentation supplementing the original and so on. But even as it is, the collection is a treasure trove.

Apr 062012

Fingerporilainen, the second step in my continuing campaign for world domination, is now available in Ovi Store for Harmattan devices (which is to say that it works on N9 and N950).

It is a very simple application that provides easy access to the six-strips-a-week content published by Helsingin Sanomat.


And yeah, before you ask, I’ve written similar apps for Viivi & Wagner and Wulff-Morgenthaler as well.